the sound of everyone breathing in at once

by L.A. Dies

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An EP in celebration of Time & Space's birthday. Once again, recorded with Melody's equipment in Myra's basement. We want to thank everyone so much for your continued love and support throughout this year. Here's to 2017!
Let's make it a good one.


released January 1, 2017

Special thanks to Tori, aka doug, aka the realest, for the cover art
and Britney Spears, just cause.



all rights reserved


L.A. Dies Virginia

it spells ladies

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Track Name: Still
i spend time panicked in my dreams
waiting for my teeth to fall out in threes
i spend time anxious in my sleep
set me aside like a thought that's passing
passing you by
everything around us still and silent
for months at a time
and i measure my mind to lakes
and flood myself when i'm awake
and if i can't, i can't relate
awake, and i can feel myself beyond me
and i can feel the sun behind me
Track Name: Calm
voice from dust
your bones, they rust
but you "mean so much"
readjust, if you must
you "mean so much"
run down
i feel so run down
got me feelin' run down
so wear me out
cut me back down now
how about we try a little grace now?
hear me out
i'm striving to slow down

a push to calm me down
Track Name: Earth
i can feel the earth move
i can feel the earth around me
i'm as guilty as i sound
fleeting, running on caffeine
creating nothing in a million ways
til' it starts pressing on your shoulder blades
stretched out thin, foreign in my skin
i fell asleep with the smoke alarm blinking
imagining what you must be thinking
i'm not proud of it, i get lost in it
fleeting, simply being
leaning on my doubts
are you proud of me now?
imagining what you must be thinking
i'm not proud of it, i get lost in it
are you proud of me now?
am i lost to you now?
i'm not proud of me, am i lost to it all?
are you proud of me? am i lost to you?